Sarah Harris

Year Group Leader

Buttsbury Infant School, Billericay

About Me

I have been employed in my current school for 12 years. Throughout my teaching career I have held a number of different roles and responsibilities including Mathematics, History, Geography and Computing. I have been part of the school’s Senior Leadership team for the past six years.

In my role as subject leader I have led a number of CPD training sessions for staff on topics including the use of film to enhance mathematics and literacy, the use of extension activities to challenge thinking, using Computing as a cross curricular subject and e-safety . I have also led workshops for parents and most recently, implemented a new VLE for use across the school, and for children at home. As part of my role in the Senior Leadership Team I have implemented, monitored and developed assessment procedures, led moderation activities within my own and partner junior school and developed curriculum planning to continually ensure pupil progress is at a premium. I have extensive knowledge of Target Tracker, regularly use it as a tool to input data, create reports and track vulnerable groups. I regularly use the data to inform pupil progress meetings with my year group so that intervention groups and activities can be implemented.

I have been a ITT mentor for eight years and have recently become a Lead Mentor. During this time I have successfully mentored students on their path to becoming a teacher which has given me extensive experience in lesson observations and feedback.

As a leader in my own school I am committed to raising standards of teaching and learning and continually reflect on my own practice. I relish the opportunity to work with colleagues from other schools and hope to share my commitment with others.


Specialist Areas of Expertise

  • ITT Mentoring
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Leadership of Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Year Group Leadership and Management
  • Assessment for Learning (AfL).
  • Leadership of curriculum

Other Areas of Expertise

  • Designated person knowledge
  • Target Tracker