Governance Training Solutions

Training Programme Spring 2020 onwards

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The provision of high-quality training for school governors has become increasingly important in recent years. Changes in legislation and guidance have stressed the need for more skilled and professional governing boards, and training is a vital part of that agenda.

In partnership with Billericay Teaching School Alliance, National Leaders of Governance provide professional, practical training solutions for governing boards that will help you govern with confidence.

We provide quality development opportunities for all types of Governing Boards, from individual schools, collaborative partnerships or groups of schools to Multi Academy Trusts.

Key Features of our training solutions

  • Up to date guidance on how to do the job
  • Free resource packs – templates, tools, examples and checklists to help you be productive
  • Signposting to national resources, research and DfE guidance
  • All training developed with reference to the Governance Competency Framework
  • Best practice advice from experienced chairs
  • Action plan or personal log for governors to complete and take away
  • Bespoke training solutions for your board or multi-academy trust
  • Training programmes and packages
  • Public courses at affordable prices

Our training programme covers all key aspects of the Governance Competency Framework

What people say about our training
We pride ourselves on delivering high quality governance services that really have an impact. Here are some comments from delegates who have attended our training.

“The best training I have ever attended… THANK YOU”     “At last training that tells me how to do the job!  I feel inspired again as a Governor”   ” Thank you, the course has helped me understand what I should be focussing on”  “This course was so helpful. I now understand how I can make a difference as a Governor”     “All Governors should come on this training.  If only it had been available sooner.  I’m going to encourage everyone on our board to attend the next event.”

About our trainers
All our trainers are National Leaders of Governance (NLGs) who are experienced chairs of governing boards that have been designated as NLGs by the Department for Education. They all have experience mentoring and supporting governance in many difference settings and are experienced trainers.

How to experience our training


We run public training courses in venues across South East Essex through Billericay Teaching School Alliance, which is designated as a Governance Hub for the East of England and NE London region. Courses costs from £80 per delegate per session and can be purchased on a pay-as-you-go basis or as a package to achieve even greater value for money.


We can provide in-house training courses for your school, multi-academy trust, or collaborative partnership board/s for up to 25 delegates. In-house training starts from £450.00 for a two-hour session from our existing Training Programme. We can also provide bespoke training solutions ranging from a single session to conferences and annual training programmes. 

All materials for in-house training are emailed in advance for the organisation to produce.  This enables organisations to use the materials going forward.  Should the organisation wish these materials to be produced for them, this will be at an additional cost of £9.50 per delegate.

Prices and Packages
Our goal is to provide affordable high-quality training to meet your needs.  We have designed several options to give you maximum flexibility.

Public Training Events

Public Training Events


Option 1: Pay-as-you-go
From £80 per delegate for a two-hour training course. Courses are either 1 session (£80), 2 sessions (£155) or 3 sessions (£225).  This includes a copy of the presentation and a resource pack full of useful examples, templates, checklists and other tools to implement swiftly.

Simply select the course you wish to attend and complete the booking form at the end of this brochure. Note: Members of Billericay TSA benefit from a 10% membership discount on Pay-as-you-go prices.

Option 2: Buy an annual package
To encourage your governing board to attend regular training and keep up to date, we offer public training course packages as a cost-effective solution to governor training. These packages are valid for any standalone board, multi academy trust board or collaborative partnership boards for a year from date of purchase.


number of places on any two-hour training event in the year

of annual package

5 places

£350.00 (£70 per place)

6 places

£408.00 (£68 per place)

7 places

£448.00 (£64.00 per place)

8 places

£480.00 (£60 per place)

If you require more than 8 places per year, please contact us.


In-house Training Events


Many boards find training is most effective when it is specific to them and/or provided to the whole board together at their school.  These in-house training courses can be provided for up to 25 delegates at your venue.  It can also be cost effective to organise training with other governors or trustees within a multi-academy trust or collaborative partnership. We are happy to accommodate this.

Standard In-house training 
From £450.00 per two-hour in-house training course (Maximum 25 delegates). Any of our training programme titles can be provided on an in-house basis. Simply let us know the title you are interested in and we will work with you to agree a date for the training at your location.

All materials for in-house training are emailed in advance for the organisation to produce.  This enables organisations to use the materials going forward.  Should the organisation wish these materials to be produced for them, this will be at an additional cost of £9.50 per delegate. 

Bespoke Solutions 
Our experienced National Leaders of Governance can provide bespoke governance training solutions for your school, multi-academy trust or collaborative partnership. We have developed and delivered bespoke training sessions, conferences and complete annual governance development programmes for schools and trusts. Please contact Melanie Jones – – Tel 01277 314420 to discuss your

Training Programme
All courses from our Training Programme can be offered in-house or as public courses. Dates of public courses currently scheduled for the year are listed below.  We regularly schedule more public courses, so please contact Melanie Jones – – Tel: 01277 314420 if you are interested in a course that does not have a date listed.

Code Title Description
SL Competency Area Strategic Leadership
SL1 Strategic
governance – What is it and how to do it?
The purpose of governance is to provide confident, strategic leadership and to create robust accountability, oversight and assurance for educational and financial performance. This session will help boards understand what this means, to deliver on the key strategic functions of governance and learn how to be strategic.
SL2 How to
engage your key stakeholders to improve your school
Listening to stakeholders is a fundamental part of good governance to ensure the board knows how pupils, parents and staff feel about the school. This session will provide board members with practical guidance on how to engage with stakeholders to improve their school.
SL3 Strategic
governance of finance – Making every penny count
With tightening budgets and rising costs all educational establishments need to approach financial management in a far more strategic way. This session will provide practical guidance and tooling to help the board provide strategic leadership and oversight of school finances. 
Dates currently available:
18 March 2020   7pm-9pm
SL4 The
boards role in ensuring you are the employer of choice
Recruitment, retention and support of staff is critical in these times of staff shortages. This session will review the boards role with regards to all aspects of Human Resources and how to be the employer of choice.
AC Competency Area Accountability
AC1 Improving outcomes for the Disadvantaged – the governance role The Pupil Premium grant received by schools should be used to address any barriers to learning for disadvantaged pupils. This session will guide boards on their role in ensuring this grant is making a difference in their school. 
Dates currently available:
12 May 2020   7pm-9pm
AC2 Governance of inclusion and SEND in your school Governing boards have a statutory duty to be inclusive and provide for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. This session will help boards understand their responsibilities and provide practical guidance on how to ensure their SEND provision is effective. 
Dates currently available
26 March 2020   7pm-9pm 
23 June 2020   7pm-9pm
AC3 Understanding your school data This session provides governors with the confidence to understand and use school data effectively in monitoring and holding their school to account. The session will help governors ‘see the wood for the trees’ and focus on the key uses of data and how to make data the start of a conversation. Examples and practical solutions to using data effectively will be provided.
AC4 How to hold to account Monitoring the progress of strategic priorities is a key element of effective governance. To be effective, boards need to have clear monitoring plans. They need to triangulate evidence to know their schools well and provide support and challenge to ensure strategic priorities are met. This session will explore practical ways and examples of good monitoring to effectively hold school leaders to

Dates currently available:
3 March 2020   7pm-9pm
5 May 2020   7pm-9pm
AC5 How to monitor the curriculum What strategic discussions does your board need to have with the school executive to explore the intent, implementation and impact of your schools curriculum? This session will help you consider the focus of the new Ofsted framework on the ‘Quality of Education’.
AC6 Ensuring robust performance management in your school Governing boards have a duty to ensure that effective performance management happens in their school. Robust performance management (including that of the Headteacher) should hold staff to account,
supports staff development and is intrinsic to school improvement and staff morale. This session will help boards understand their responsibilities and provide practical guidance on how to ensure that performance management is effective in their school.
PE Competency Area People
PE1 An induction or refresher to the essentials of school governance Being a new governor can be overwhelming. This induction programme gets governors started on the basics of the role so they can start to feel confident and productive. It will help new governors feel confident contributing in board meeting and understand the principles of monitoring and holding to account. This training course runs over two sessions at a discounted price of £155 per delegate. 
Dates currently available:
11 and 19 March 2020   7pm-9pm   
14 & 21 May 2020   7pm-9pm
PE2 The recruitment, retention and development of your Governance Team Having the right people around the table is the key to an effective governing body. But where do these super highly skilled, dedicated governors come from? During the session we explore why
it is so important to find the right people and where to get them from. We also explore how to retain and develop your governors, and ensure they are effective. Practical tips, resources and
examples of best practice during the session will help you to identify ways to develop the perfect team!
PE3 How to lead your governance team as the Chair The role of Chair cannot be easily fulfilled without a good supportive team of governors around you. Team work is essential in delivering effective governance and contribution to continuous school improvement. Delegation skills and how to lead all governors to achieve this as a team within their roles and responsibilities is a key part of what this session will cover. This course runs over three evenings at a discounted price of £225 per delegate.    
Dates currently available:
4 May, 8 June & 29 June 2020   7pm-9pm
ST Competency Area Structures
ST1 Organising your governance team to have an impact
(Two sessions)
With limited time for governance work all governance boards need to be organised and focus on what really matters. This session will provide tips, tools and examples of how to organise your
governance to really have an impact.
ST2 Understanding and developing your scheme of delegation The scheme of delegation is fundamental to agreeing how governance will be effective across a multi-academy trust(MAT). This session with explore the options within a scheme of delegation for
collaborative working across a multi-academy trust and examines the role of the trust board and local governing board in a typical MAT structure.
ST3 What should you focus on as a Local Governing Body within a MAT? If you are a new Local Governing Body, or about to join a multi-academy trust, this session will help you adjust to working in a MAT and help you clarify your priorities for governance at an academy level. This session is ideal for an in-house workshop for your Local Governing Body or MAT.
ST4 Fulfilling your responsibilities for safeguarding and Health & Safety  Safeguarding should be at the heart of everything we do in schools and is  statutory duty shared by all governors and trustees. This course will help you understand your responsibilities and provide practical guidance on effectively meeting your statutory duties for safeguarding and Health & Safety.  
Dates currently available: 
30 June 2020   7pm-9pm  
CO Competency Area Compliance
CO1 Preparing for your next Ofsted inspection This governance training provides  provides understanding on what is expected of governance under the latest inspection framework, provides tools to review the evidence of your governance effectiveness and prepare for your next inspection. 
Dates currently available:   
30 April 2020   7pm-9pm     
9 June 2020   7pm-9pm
CO2 Developing best practice for dealing with parental complaints Is your school equipped to deal effectively with a complaint? Do you have a robust complaints policy? Do you know who should be involved, when and how? Using examples of best practice and the updated DFE guidance from Jan 2019, this session will help you to answer all of these questions and develop an effective whole school approach to complaints.
EV Competency Area Evaluation
EV1 How to ensure you are an effective trust board? This work-session provides a guided self-review for boards looking at the key indicators of effective governance at a trust board level. This session is only offered as an in-house session for one trust board at a time.

Public Training Events
Below is the list of currently scheduled public training courses from our Training Programme. New dates are added on a regular basis. If there is a training course you are interested in that isn’t listed here, please contact Melanie Jones – – Tel: 01277 314420 to discuss your need. Courses can be offered in-house at your venue and bespoke solutions can also be developed to meet your needs. Public training courses are delivered at training venues across South East Essex.

Spring 2020

Code Title Date Time
AC4 How to hold to account 3 March 2020
7.00pm 9.00pm
Strategic governance of finance – Making every penny count  18 March 2020
7.00pm – 9.00pm
PE1 The essentials of school governance (two sessions) 11 & 19 March 2020 7.00pm – 9.00pm
AC2 Governance of SEND and Inclusion 26 March 2020 7.00pm – 9.00pm

Summer 2020

Code Title Date Time
CO1 Preparing for your next Ofsted inspection 30 April 2020 7.00pm – 9.00pm
PE3 How to lead your governance team as the Chair (three sessions) 4 May, 8 June & 29 June 2020 7.00pm – 9.00pm
AC4 How to hold to account
5 May 2020 7.00pm – 9.00pm
AC1 Improving outcomes for the disadvantaged using Pupil Premium – the governance role 12 May 2020 7.00pm – 9.00pm
PE1 The essentials of school governance (two sessions) 14 & 21 May 2020 7.00pm – 9.00pm
CO1 Preparing for your next Ofsted inspection 9 June 2020 7.00pm – 9.00pm
AC2 Governance of SEND and inclusion 23 June 2020 7.00pm – 9.00pm
ST4 Fulfilling your responsibilities for safeguarding and health and safety 30 June 2020 7.00pm – 9.00pm

Our Brochure
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Making a Booking
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For all bespoke training sessions delivered In-house, please contact Melanie Jones to discuss your requirements.