New to A Level English Teaching (Secondary)

Who is this programme for?

For teachers who are new to Key Stage 5 (KS5) English teaching or who anticipate they will be delivering an A Level  English course for the first time in the near future.


Delegates will increase their knowledge and understanding of the demands of post-16 English teaching and learning.  They will examine strategies that will enable students to become independent learners, considering how these can be applied to best effect in the classroom. With an emphasis on shared discussion and practical classroom application, this course is an opportunity to pose questions, trial ideas and reach conclusions that will make a positive impact on student progress.


The following will be explored during the session:

  • What makes an effective A level teacher?
  • How does KS5 teaching and learning differ from that at KS4?
  • How do I develop independent learners?
  • ‘What do I do if…..?’ Common post-16 classroom scenarios to discuss.
  • How do I stretch and challenge students?

Who are the Trainers?

The course is delivered by Janet Bradley, (Lead Practitioner of English and SLE at the Billericay School) and Stephanie Hartie (Key Stage 4 Coordinator).  Both are experienced KS5 classroom practitioners who have taught both English Literature and English Language/ Literature Combined. Janet coordinates Key Stage 5 and has adapted to changing specifications over the years.

How will my School benefit?

Delegates will have the opportunity to explore a variety of aspects of KS5 teaching and learning. Delegates will hear top tips from experienced practitioners, explore best practice in learning about context behind literary texts and acquiring new subject terminology. Delegates will learn ways in which to challenge students in a differentiated ability environment and also form students into independent learners with a good level of dialogue and debate. Delegates should leave with improved confidence in organising and delivering KS5 teaching and learning.

How will my students benefit?

Students will in turn benefit from the focus in the course on specific aspects such as the development of independent learning skills and the emphasis on stretch and challenge, whilst also benefitting from the overall enhanced confidence of practitioners.

Course start date 04 July 2019
Course duration 1 Twilight Session
Course end date 04 July 2019
Course time 4:15 pm-5:45 pm
Venue The Billericay School, School Road, Billericay CM12 9LH
Cost £50 (Bilericay TSA Members £45)

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